What does it mean to market? What is the purpose of marketing? Who is the marketer?


Some may use the terms marketing and selling synonymously.  However, marketing doesn’t mean to sell products or services to one customer but to sell the vision and the appearance of the company to the general public as a whole.


The purpose of marketing is to show the face and brand identity of the company and paint a vision for the customer so they will know who they’ll be doing business with.


The marketer is the spokesperson for the company.  Their job is to broadcast the company’s mission, goals, and services to a captive and targeted market of consumers. They do so by living and breathing the company‘s vision and feeling its pulse.  Adaptation is very important to successful marketing and will help anticipate and fulfill customers’ needs as they change. The conception and implementation of new ideas are keys for growth and the marketer must always be searching for unique ways to brand and expand the company.


Kevin Astala