What kind of chairs does Global make?

What kind of chairs does Global make?

Global manufactures ergonomic office seating for every application, and the  comfort possibilities are endless!

Ergonomic and Task Chairs

Task seating is an ideal choice for individuals spending large amounts of time seated at their workstations, dedicated to certain tasks. Task, or Operator, chairs are “ergonomically” designed to work with you. Easily adjustable chair surfaces allow you to move around freely and help to maintain support for your back, legs and arms as you change body positions. Task chairs can be the difference between absolute comfort and irritating distress.

Global manufactures a complete range of the most up-to-date ergonomic Task chairs with prices to suit any budget and styles that respond to your individual, everyday needs. The products featured below are some examples of our most popular Task and Operator seating lines.

Management Chairs

Managerial, or Executive, office seating is designed to provide hours of comfort, for the manager that is the sole user of his/her chair. Traditional managerial seating comes equipped with high, wide back, deep seat and ‘ergonomic’ features to facilitate the time spent at a desk, computer or workstation. Modern work ethics require a comfortable chair which will encourage the user to remain productive throughout the often long work week. Although Management seating does not offer as many seating adjustment options as many other chairs, today’s executives can take advantage of sophisticated knee-tilt and other tilter mechanisms. These will ensure that feet are kept flat on the floor for added comfort. For the executive, Management seating is often covered in Leather or Upholstered in other quality fabrics.

Conference Chairs

Formal meetings, impromptu team gatherings and presentations, are typical business situations all requiring stylized, conference seating. The traditional boardroom setting is migrating towards conference meeting rooms flavored by the culture and traditions unique to the individual organization. These conference areas can be furnished with Task, Guest or Management seating – the choice is entirely yours!

Guest Chairs

Guest seating or side chairs are generally offered with a sled base or as a four-legged chair without casters. Guest chairs often function as a comfortable seating solution for short periods of time, most commonly in a waiting area. Designed to complement Executive and Task seating, these chairs are usually available with or without arms.

Global commonly features a side chair in each of its seating series to provide you with the best options possible for your total office needs.


Kevin Astala