The Best-Selling Conference Room Furniture of 2022

As we wind down the year, we can begin to reflect on it and see where it has taken us. For us at ACE Office Furniture Houston, we have begun to look at our office furniture sales to see what pieces sold well for us this year. 2022 has become a banner year for us as we have seen exceptional growth with many new customers. We have endeavored to build lasting relationships with our customers in hopes of serving them with quality, affordable office furniture for years to come.

As we are on the cusp of the holiday season, we can officially reveal some of our bestselling office furniture for the year. Today we will be looking at the conference room. The place in the office that I refer to as the central hub or the go room because of how important the conference room is to a healthy and productive office. When communication is clear, the business can run like a well-oiled machine. What better place to build office morale, and set company expectations than the meeting room?

So today we will look at the bestselling conference room furniture for 2022. We will first look at the conference table that has been purchased the most, then we will look at the two conference room chairs that were selected the most. One mid-back conference room chair, then the bestselling high back conference room chair. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the bestselling conference table of 2022.

Boat Shaped Conference Table

This Corp Design Boat series boat shaped conference table is the bestselling conference table of 2022 at ACE Office Furniture Houston. The boat shaped conference table is an ever-popular design that grabs a lot of attention with its upscale appearance. There is no doubt that this boat shaped conference table can anchor a conference room as the focal point that makes bold statements of style and sophistication on behalf of the business. Guests and clients will appreciate the attention to details of this bestselling conference table of 2022.

The boat shaped conference table gets its name from the profile that looks like an old time dingy from above. However, the curved sides of the conference table aren’t just for style, it has a purpose. The curved edges allow for everyone sitting at the conference table to see each other better than a traditional rectangular conference table. So not only does this conference table have style, but it also has great function as well.

Speaking of function, the bestselling conference table of 2022 can be sized to fit the needs of your office and conference room size. With sizes that begin at seating four people comfortably, all the way up to eighteen people, this boat shaped conference table has a size to fit most offices. Also, the commercial grade laminate and aluminum will last for many years to come and carries a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. Speaking of the laminate, the finish options are the Corp Design signature finishes of Blanc De Gris, Espresso CD, Grigio CD, Miele, and Noce. With these choices, finding the perfect boat shaped conference table for your office will be a simple task and you can rest easy knowing that you selected the bestselling conference table for 2022.

Now let’s look at the conference room chairs that have been purchased the most this year. We will begin with the mid-back version first.

Leather Mid-Back Conference Room Chair

Also from Corp Design, this time from the Zetti series of office furniture. This leather mid-back conference room chair is the bestselling mid-back conference room chair of 2022. Featuring aluminum, leather, and steel construction materials, this mid-back conference room chair is built to last and carries a comprehensive warranty- ten years for non-moving parts, as well as three years for mechanisms, gas cylinders and other moving parts, upholstery materials, and foam. It is also available in four leather finishes- Black, White, Gray, and Sand.

The mid-back conference room chair is designed for periodic use with back support that stops before the shoulders. A conference room chair isn’t intended for full time use like a desk chair is, so there isn’t near as many adjustments for comfortability as you will find in a desk chair. However, the bestselling mid-back conference room chair of 2022 does feature height adjustability with a knee-tilt mechanism that locks in five unusual positions and has a tension adjustment. The bestselling mid-back conference room chair of 2022 is rated for a two-hundred-and-fifty-pound weight limit.

Now let’s look at the bestselling high back conference chair of 2022.

Leather High Back Conference Room Chair

You guessed it! Corp Design Zetti series for the win! This model is exactly the same as the mid-back with just higher back support that goes all the way to the shoulders. I will not bore you by repeating everything that was just said about the previous conference room chair, just know that the bestselling high back conference room chair is exactly the same model as the mid-back version, and you have already read the details of it.

Final Thoughts
As 2022 comes to a close, if you are looking for new conference room office furniture then why not look to the best sellers of the year? These three office furniture items have flown off the shelves all year and can be found in a wide range of offices around North America. All three can fit comfortably in a new start up as well as the finest executive board room, that’s how versatile they are. With this, you now know where to start looking for conference room office furniture as we look to the new year, with the bestselling conference table and chairs of 2022.

If you are ready to order conference room office furniture or accessories, give us a call. Our sales team will assist you with every phase of your purchase from budgeting to installation. Not only that, if you are in need of design assistance then we can help. We can supply full floor plans and 3D renders of your office space to prove that the office furniture will fit and be exceptionally functional in your office space. Whatever you need, whether answering questions, helping design the space, or simply to order give us a call at (281( 875-9595 today.


Kevin Astala