Office Chair Safety Tips

Office Chair Safety Tips

Do’s and Don’ts

Data from the Consumer Product Safety Commissions Injury Information Clearinghouse indicates that people are sometimes hurt by falling from chairs. Usually resulting in bumps, bruises, strains and sprains, these injuries are almost always easily treated. It is still important however, to take adequate precautions to prevent injuries before they occur. This document can help you maintain the safe use of your office chair.


  1. Always follow the assembly directions completely. Make sure all the pieces are placed in proper order so that the chair stays tight and together.
  2. Pay special attention to making sure the casters or wheels are fully inserted into the base of the unit.
  3. Look for office chairs that have a 5-legged base.
  4. Every 6 months or so, make sure all the parts of the chair are tightened to ensure stability.
  5. Always keep the base of the chair completely on the floor.
  6. Most office chairs are equipped with casters for use on carpeted surfaces. For other surfaces, speak to your retailer or manufacturer for appropriate custom selection.
  7. Many office chairs are equipped with a tension control on the mechanism to compensate for different body weights. Always ensure that the control is properly adjusted, resulting in a smooth and controlled tilt motion.


  1. Don’t lean so far back in your chair that the wheels or legs lift up off the floor. Leaning can cause the chair to slip out from under you, cause structural damage, or can loosen important connections that can cause the chair to fall apart.
  2. Never put all your weight at the very front edge of the chair. If you sit too far forward, the chair can tip over. Use a chair with a forward tilt mechanism if the task requires sitting in a forward position.
  3. Don’t leave electrical appliances on upholstered chairs. Fire can result if they overheat. Be careful when smoking cigarettes or carrying lighted material around upholstered chairs.
  4. Don’t overwork your chair. Chairs in medical institutions or in other locations that are used 24 hours a day, get three times the use of a normal office chair. Inspect and maintain those chairs at least every 60 days.

Kevin Astala