How to Buy a Desk

How to Buy a Desk
  1. Determine your needs. Choose either a modern design or wood grain. Writing surfaces are pieces of furniture that are used quite a bit, so you’ll want a choice that finds and combines the best form and function.
  2. Measure your workspace. If it’s a small area, you’ll need to take a look at a compact desk, possibly with a hutches and lower storage compartments. If it’s a larger area, L-shaped or U-shaped might be an option.
  3. Look for European connectors if you’re buying ready-to-assemble furniture. Global makes assembly easy – all you need is a screwdriver.
  4. Avoid tangles. Make sure your desk has at least one grommet hole to keep computer and telephone wires out of the way.
  5. Give your business an edge. Each Global desk series come with its own attractive edge design.
  6. Island worksurfaces let you meet with more than two people at once with ample leg room for all.
  7. Choose one of Global’s height/angle adjustable keyboard trays to go with your desk. Your arms can maintain a comfortable position, reducing shoulder, back and neck strain.

Kevin Astala