Are armrests really important?

Are armrests really important?

Armrests are an important comfort feature of your chair. In most seating series, armrests can be added to armless chairs, and standard arms can be replaced with optional arms.

Armrest Awareness

Too High

  • Raises the shoulders tensing the muscle

Too Low

  • Places you in a leaning posture
  • Closes the rib cage around the lungs
  • Reducing your capacity to draw oxygen that the blood needs to carry to your muscles

Too Far Apart

  • Shoulders will overwork

Too Close

  • Interferes with relaxed keystrokes
  • Not able to place your hands on your lap when not in use (should do this as often as possible, palms facing down, to let the whole system relax)

Too Thin

  • Requires extra muscular effort to keep your arms on them

Additional Armrest Options

Specialty height and height/angle adjustable armrests enable you to place your arms in a comfortable working position determined by the task at hand. Global carries many different styles of arms from which to choose. The following are a few examples:


The MAXsupport arm provides superior comfort by supporting your wrists and arms through a wide range of motions. Movement is smooth and precise for both mousing and keying.


An ergonomic feature, the Vari-Width arm maximizes support of the shoulders as it accommodates individual body types by allowing you to adjust the width by up to 2″ outward from either side of your chair.


Ergogel armcaps are the latest in ergonomic technology providing high shock absorption for your arms. Adapted from the medical field, Ergogel has been used in the treatment of burn victims and those people whose body movement is restricted. This cool, body conforming gel distributes weight evenly and helps to eliminate pressure points.


Kevin Astala