Sitting at Your Best Desk

Many of us
spend a lot of our day sitting at a desk. If that’s true for you, or maybe has
been true for you in the past, I wonder what you were doing while you were
sitting? Were you writing? Were you gazing at a computer monitor? Were you
“getting organized?” Were you talking on the phone? Were you
Whatever you
were doing when you were sitting, it was probably more enjoyable and more
productive if you were comfortable.  Your
mind is able to function optimally when you’re sitting at a functional desk.
The proper working height, whether you’re sitting or standing, is vital. The
amount of storage/drawer space is important. The work surface area, with proper
size, cable-wire-management, and correct L-configuration should be both logical
and personal.

Ace Office
Furniture Houston has a wide selection of used high-end executive office
furniture, as well as new traditional and contemporary office desks. We can
help you find YOUR best desk, the one that’s right for you, so the time you
spend sitting at your desk is time well spent. 
Linda Wood Astala (8-13-17)