Delivery & Installation Requirement Questions

Thank you for your response to our Ace Office Furniture Houston’s Contact Form. 

We appreciate that you’ve reached out to us through our Contact Form. We hope to be able to help you meet your furniture requirements and are looking forward to speaking with you. Please take a look at the form below which will help you as you work through the process of selecting furniture and planning for its delivery and installation. Your information will also help us in ordering and planning.

oPr use this Link to download the form as a PDF and email it back to us.

Delivery and Installation Questions

As you prepare for your furniture’s delivery and installation, you will need to consider the following. Your responses to these questions will assist your company in planning for the installation and will help us in preparing as well.

COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES: Who will be the Point of Contact for our delivery team? This might be the person who has worked with our designers and ordered the furniture, but might instead be the person who is present at the delivery site.

Who will be the point of contact for our delivery team?
Will a company representative be present at the delivery site to “sign off” on the job?
NEW CONSTRUCTION: Will all construction be completed before installation of furniture? This includes painting, floor covering, ceiling finishing, electrical service, data wiring, and removal of debris.
Do you understand that installation will not be started until these tasks are completed?
EXISTING OFFICE SPACE: Will the office areas be cleared of computers, office supplies, miscellaneous items, etc., and ready for installers to work?
TIMING: Is the delivery crew able to work during normal business hours?
CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Will the building owner require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the installer?
If YES, please provide the building owner’s information at least five (5) working days before the installation is scheduled.
SPECIAL PROVISIONS DURING INSTALLATION: Does the building owner require Masonite floor or wall covering?
ELECTRICAL AND INTERNET WIRING: Is the building already equipped with electrical and internet wiring for your furniture set-up?
LOADING DOCK: Is there a loading dock?
FREIGHT ELEVATOR: Does the facility have a freight elevator?
REQUIREMENTS for INSTALLERS: Does the building require special safety apparel?
RESTROOMS: Will our installers have access to restroom facilities onsite?

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call us at:
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