Your Best Work Position

Your Best Work Position

Whatever your position in your company, it’s important to be aware of your position in your office. Here are some tips to prevent pain and fatigue often associated with improper posture and movement:

1) Sit up straight, like your mother told you. Don’t lean forward in your chair.

2) Keep your computer monitor or laptop screen at eye level about 20 inches from your nose.

3) Adjust your chair to allow you to keep your feet on the floor. Try not to cross your feet or legs.

4) Make sure your chair has a lumbar support.

5) Use your chair’s armrests. Don’t rest your arms on your desk because this causes neck strain and shoulder fatigue.

6) Keep the items you use often near you.

7) Change positions now and then. Stretch and get up to walk periodically.

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Kevin Astala