ACE & Global Furniture Group Presentation- AOF Houston Commercial Office Interiors and Design

ACE & Global Furniture Group Presentation- AOF Houston Commercial Office Interiors and Design

This is one of the most important projects that I did NOT get! My jujitsu coach’s taught me in life and in battle – You do NOT “Win or Lose” – You “Win or LEARN”. Well I “learned” a WHOLE LOT on this project. Both positive and negative lessons but understanding them makes them all beneficial in my opinion. Most importantly I learned that Linda Snow with Global Furniture Group and I work very well as team and we put our best foot forward and gave it our all. That alone was worth the time and effort and a Win in my book. I learned that when people say “don’t things personal Kevin” that being the owner of ACE is the hardest thing for me, it’s all personal, it’s my whole life… BUT I don’t have to let the world see my struggles and I can get better at separating my feeling from business. I learned my ego can be my my best friend but more often my worst enemy. I learned to laugh, smile and be a “singing bear 🐻“ no matter the outcome. I learned that no matter your relationship, sometimes customers & companies can out grow you. I learned that I still am playing furniture ball in the big leagues and just having the opportunity to compete against other Big Corporate Dealers at this level is a blessing and a tesimate to our growth, ability and improvement as a company. I learned to have a short memory, try to right my wrongs, own my mistakes and walk away with my head high & on to the next one. I learned that there will always be someone better than me but to channel that energy by always striving to improve and better myself and my results. Most importantly I learned that it’s okay to “LEARN” you can’t win them all and that’s okay. Sometime the loss can be more advantageous in the long run than the Win. As backwards as it sounds Winning is “actually” easier than Losing. As long as you don’t quit, having the courage to get back up, dust yourself off and prepare for the next battle can be the most challenging and hardest thing to do. I did that! I will always get back up and either WIN or LEARN again. 1% better each day in all aspects of life is the goal.

I am so greatful for this attempted project or better said journey in my career. It taught me so much about myself and I am great full for the LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Thanks to all involved, on both sides.

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Global Furniture Group originated in 1966 when the company was founded with the vision of manufacturing well-made office furniture at affordable prices. That promise continues today through a network of vertically integrated suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors who bring our products to market around the world.

Global offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed and engineered to meet the changing needs of the Workplace, Education, and Healthcare markets. Our success over the past half-century owes much to our diverse team, who take pride in creating quality products and providing our clients the highest level of service.

Above all, Global is a trusted partner. We are committed to our customer’s needs by working together to develop lasting and valued solutions.

think global think green

The executive summary…for all of us.

We have reduced our consumption of electricity by over 18% over the last four years.
We have entirely eliminated the use of CFCs and HCFCs in all our manufacturing processes to protect the ozone layer.
From the lunchroom to the factory floor, we recycle 88% of our waste production across the organization.
Global’s patented, industry-first, wood/polymer molding technology diverts 7.5 tons of waste per day from the landfill.
A constantly expanding textile offering woven from recycled polyester is an environmental option with little or no up-charge to the customer.
Our cardboard packing utilizes 80% recycled material and wherever possible we flat pack to reduce shipping volume and minimize our carbon footprint.
Our chrome plating facility discharges water that is clean enough to return to the municipal water infrastructure.
Our non-hazardous powder-coat paint process reclaims up to 99% of overspray with minimal discharge to the environment.
We recycle more than 100 tons of fabric, which is recycled through various voluntary programs and partners such as “echoes in the attic”.
Better Products Better Future Before governments developed environmental protection legislation we were setting our own standards for sustainable practices, developing new technologies and using reclaimed materials to safeguard the environment.

From design through to manufacturing we pay particular attention to reducing the impact of our product packaging, the use of recycled and recyclable materials and production processes that minimize energy consumption. A better product is also a green product.


Kevin Astala